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The rail that is possible to buy is model 2. This is a further developed Arca that fits front stocks with 6 M4 holes on the underside of the front stock.

NOTE this rail does not fit the chassis in the left version of model GEN 2. 


This rail is made to fit our JET-01 chassis  and lines up perfectly with the chassis' built-in Arca mount in front of the magazine well. 


This rail allows the shooter to use ARCA mounts under the entire forend stock for leg rests, bags, tripods, etc. The rail is delivered with 3 M-lok screws from Magpul with which the rail is mounted. It is possible to supplement with another 3 screws if the shooter wishes. There is also the option of using stop screws on the underside in case the shooter wants to create a stop for the mount. 


The rail can be bought with or without Spigot at the front. 


This is a great product that will make our chassis even better! 

Arca rail with Spigot as an option for our JET-01 chassis.


Pictures shows Arca rail with Spigot! 


Rail = 6082  Hard anodised  

Spigot = Stainless Steel 


Disclaimer - M2 do not work with LEFT GEN II chassis. 


Spigot works with: 

- RPS C-pod 

- Versa-Pod

- Vertebrae Fusion

- Fortmeir Phoenix Bipod 


Arca rail M2

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