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Recoil brake STALKER is designed and manufactured primarily for hunters and shooters who want to reduce the recoil of the weapon without adding weight or noise. The design of the brake with forward porting makes it possible to train with the brake on the barrel inside cinemas and on the moose course.


The brake is available in three threads (M14, M15 & M18) and in the sizes Small (S) & Large (L).

-Smallworks on all caliberseven .30 caliber

- Largeworks on all caliberseven caliber 9.3


On the M14 & M15 versions, the brake measures 18mm inside closest to the barrel. Otherwise, the brake is 22mm in outer diameter and 53mm long. On the M18 version, the brake is a straight cylinder. 


Stalker is made of aluminum and after testing we can now guarantee 6000 shots through this brake before it needs replacing. Most of the time it holds significantly more depending on the muzzle pressure of the weapon. 


The brake belongs to our silver series of brakes and is made of 7075 aluminum. 


Material: Black anodized 7075 aluminum 

Weight: 25gr 

Recoil brake STALKER

  • Our recoil brakes are designed and used by ourselves during both hunting and competition shooting.  This brake has been used with very good results in PRS shooting. 

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